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Brooke- teaching ideas

Great collection of resources for virtual field trips around the world.

Using the Web to Take Virtual Field Trips

15 apps that work great with a one iPad setup AND help to keep kids on task and engaged with what you are learning.

iPad Lesson Ideas

You can give children access to storybooks with these free iPad apps. In this list you will see eReader platforms that include picture books and chapter books – some even let students create their own!

12 Free Storybook Apps for iPads

Pixar’s 22 Rules to Phenomenal Storytelling. Great for creating writing prompts to help students develop their stories.

Pixar’s 22 Rules to Phenomenal Storytelling [AS an INFOGRAPHIC]

Two Useful iPad Apps to Create Classroom Posters ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

20 Education Cartoons For Back To School. What would be on your shelf?

Education Cartoons For Back To School | Andertoons Cartoon Blog

Show Off Your Smiles | 31 Incredible Bulletin Boards For Back To School

31 Incredible Bulletin Boards For Back To School

From using iPads to manage content on students' iPads to apps that support teachers in Common Core instruction, these set of apps can do wonders to your teaching.

Buy clothes for the new school year without breaking the bank.

8 Clothing Stores with Discounts for Teachers

Instead of loading each iPad with a hundred apps, choose 10-12 quality content consumption and creation tools for your students. Here is a list of apps that can shine in a one-to-one iPad classroom.

18 Useful Apps for 1-to-1 iPad Classrooms

I Hate Reading: what this means and how parents can help. Great tips for engaging kids in reading.

I Hate Reading | Parents |

Collaborative posters. Each students gets one colored marker and they are not allowed to swap colors or with other students. Allows you to see at a glance who contributed what to the activity.

Bond with James: Collaborative Poster

You don’t have to be in a one to one iPad classroom to integrate this powerful tablet into your everyday routine. Here are just a sampling of some great apps to use with your one iPad.

12 Apps for the One iPad Classroom

One of the fantastic parts about using mobile devices in your classroom is giving students the ability to explore locations that might be difficult for a field trip. Children can access informational text, images and videos to learn about new places and inspire them to think beyond the walls of their school building.

15 Apps for Exploring the World (Virtual Field Trips)

FREE!! The End of the DayJar is a great way to end the school day and wonderful for classroom management!