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This green and pleasant land

Medieval chapel at Saint Michael Mount, near Penzance, Cornwall (UK) - via web

Hadrian's Wall, England...constructed in 122 AD to mark the northern border of the Roman Empire in Britain, the wall stretched across the width of Great Britain just south of the present day border with Scotland.

This Bronze Age, 374 feet (110 m) long, 3000 year old, man-made, prehistoric Hill Figure Figure is located in Uffington England. The figure is deeply carved onto the hillside and packed with white chalk. Traditionally the figure was religiously ‘scoured’ every 7 years by the local community removing all weeds and encroaching vegetation thereby maintaining its pristine silhouette for three eons. It can only be made out from the sky and the reason for its existence is pure speculation.

Conwy Castle (Medieval English: Conway Castle; Welsh: Castell Conwy) is a castle in Conwy, on the north coast of Wales. It was built between 1283 (729 years ago) and 1289 (723 years ago) during King Edward I's second campaign in North Wales.