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Gum Blossom Sunset fabric design entry by Peta Riley :: Helen Ansells :: @ Mulla Mulla Designs

Silk Ethos 8'8"x12'2": Ethos oriental rugs runner rugs outdoor rugs bath rugs antiques rugs kitchen rugs bathroom rugs round rugs modern rugs carpets NYC - ABC Carpet Home

Reveling in the textile traditions of India! #textiles #India #sari #red

RITUAL | wagner campelo | Capa Maníacos

Detail, 1897 hand embroidered wool quilt with circles. Stephen Score Inc. Antiques. A highlight of the 2013 Metro Show NYC

Mitsu ume (three plum blossoms) sashiko | Cynthia@aquilterbynight

Follow along on a small journey with us. I am sharing this beautiful tapestry that I found but I am posting pictures of only one small section at a time. This part has beautiful half medallions of flowers (maybe daisies and marigolds) against a mint green background. Read more about it.. Once Upon A Tea Time.... Design Stories: To Jumpstart Inspiration Image credit/copyright: Once Upon A Tea Time. #mintgreen #vintage #boho #fabric #India

Detail from a Kente cloth from the Ewe people of Ghana, 19th century, Silk and Cotton, British Museum, London

Living Tradition | American Craft Council