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maariamph: I went ahead and made a tutorial about a pet peeve. Remember kids if you fail at this I will fight you

How To Create Skin Tones With Watercolor Paints

SKIN: a chart - SUPPLEMENT IMG by ~navate on deviantART

SKIN: a chart - SUPPLEMENT IMG by navate on deviantART

1st grade- really cute symmetrical self portrait with printed background

Artolazzi: 1st grade

Self-Portrait Playing Card Designs. Would be a great drawing + Photoshop project.


Transparency self-portrait over mixed-media collage

Christine Adolph Designs: More High School Art Projects

Learn how to create a gorgeous, colorful portrait of your friends or family using only wax crayons and black pen. Very fun and rewarding!

drawing face proportions - Google Search

What a Relief! - Mid-Pacific Institute- Relief clay portraits

Love this. This self portrait was made entirely of small square shaped pieces of colored paper! #San Jose Museum of Art DIY art

Step-by-step drawing facial proportions

How to Draw Human Faces

Art Projects for Kids: Back-To-School Self Portraits

Art Projects for Kids: Back-To-School Self Portraits

How to draw hair. Maybe if I show this to students they will believe me that hair is a SHAPE not a million lines!

How to draw hair: male

Silhouette Self-Portraits - I love this but I can't get the kids to cut up magazines! Maybe i will cut some up for them :) . They just can't believe it is okay.

Splish Splash Splatter: Silhouette Self-Portraits

A perfect introduction on how to draw a face for my 7th grade Honors Art students. This is how I teach it. Mainly because it's faster and it keeps their attention better than the traditional measuring method.

How to Draw a Face

Drawing anime eyes

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