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Get Ready for K through PLAY

A group of bloggers and educators sharing ideas and fun ways to get your child ready for Kindergarten. We are focusing on play, hands-on fun and engaging activities that will develop language, self-help skills, foster independence, encourage reading/writing/math, thinking skills and socialization.

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celebrating children's names - craft, puzzles & more to help children learn to spell and recognize their names

Reading fun with personalized recommendations from Zoobean Expert - perfect for families who love books, home schoolers, and after schoolers! Sponsored post for @Zoobean . #zoobeanexpert

Some great ideas for going back to school here.

How to Handle Separation Anxiety in the Preschool and Kindergarten Classroom on the First Day of School

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Harness the power of the sun and upcycle your broken crayons in this simple DIY solar oven this summer!

Playful ways to help your child get ready for kindergarten by developing fine motor skills!

hands-on & fun handwriting and fine motor ideas, printables & more to use at home or in the classroom

books for beginning readers - simple text to help them gain confidence and engaging characters & stories to keep them reading.

First Day of School Books...kick off the school year with a new book that helps your child feel confident about going to school!

Let kids lead the way with creative projects

Preparing for school- letters in the air helping children review letter knowledge through a fun active game as part of the Getting Ready for K through play series

Picutre books and chapter books your kindergartner will love

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Spending time in nature is a great way to get kids interested in math! Here are some simple activities to get your started.

Bubbling Addition - This Kindergarten Math Game will help kids learn and review addition facts in a fun hands on way.

Math War: 6 card games that review basic math concepts while playing.

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Help your toddlers prepare for preschool and help you out playing this fun game encouraging kids to get dressed independently

name recognition & spelling - tactile name tags craft

name recognition puzzle file folder game. Great way for kids to practice spelling their names

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Foster independence with household chores & help your child succeed in the classroom