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Chen Fei Yeh

Chen Fei Yeh

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Forty-five years ago, sixteen states still prohibited interracial marriage. Then, in 1967, the U.S. Supreme Court considered the case of Richard Perry Loving, a white man, and his wife, Mildred Loving, a woman of African American and Native American descent, who had been arrested for miscegenation nine years earlier in Virginia. The Lovings were not active in the Civil Rights movement but their tenacious legal battle to justify their marriage... (hating the 500 character limit! see 1st comment)

  • Josh Draper

    @Cameo Torres, I went to your boards and was really touched that the Loviing case applies to your own marriage and that you were discovering that here! Wow!

  • Cameo Torres

    @Josh Draper Thank you! I'm not certain on the particulars of the laws at the time (should research it) I tend to look at my husband as "American" because he was born here but his great grandparents came from Mexico so I'm assuming racism doesn't stop at place of birth and thus neither did the interracial marriage laws. I'm very touched by a lot of your postings you see "people" not race, gender, sexual preference, or creed just "people" and I think we need a lot more of that kind of perspective in the world! Thanks for your pins!

  • Cindy Jones

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to have my husband today :)

  • Josh Draper

    @Cameo Torres, thanks. Kind words. That I contributed in some small way to you understanding the history and struggles behind your own life...that's cool.

  • Janet Smith

    Documentary Channel aired their story. A worth while watch.

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