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Kate from LOST

Sawyer from LOST

Desmond from LOST

Jin from LOST

Sun from LOST

Locke from LOST

Sayid from LOST

Shannon and Boone were great characters and they did not get the development or attention they deserved. Maybe it was an omen of things to come. Don't get me wrong, I very much enjoyed Lost... It just wrote checks that it couldn't always cash. #Confession #UnpopularOpinion

Matthew Fox (born July 14, 1966) is an American actor. He is most well-known for playing the television characters Charlie Salinger on Party of Five and Jack Shephard on Lost.

Who can resist that grin??? Out of all the Lost characters, I miss Sawyer the most! | Josh Holloway | @fanpop

Lost. Proof that intriguing characters can drive story as well as plot.

Desmond Hume: one of my favorite "Lost" characters.

Desmond from Lost! One of my favorite characters! :)

All the Lost characters...

8-bit lost characters

LOST: The Animated Series by Michael Myers, via Behance....Locke

John Locke - Lost - Quite possibly my most favorite character on a TV series