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Kids craft tote

The Art Tote Tutorial | Sew Mama Sew |

neat rewards system...31 quarters in the jar at the beginning of the month, every day that they do not do their chores, they lose a quarter. Whatever is left at the end of the month they exchange for cash and the quarter jar is refilled. We decided not to do "allowance" for chores, but rather teach chores/responsibilities as how they contribute to our family. If they don't contribute, they don't have privileges.

Quarters for the month: Bed Making - Busy Kids=Happy Mom

I had to re-pin Hope! I love this idea!

Best 18th Birthday Present

Press and seal art bib: who says you can't use this when your bibs are in the wash... this is a fast and easy fix when you don't have a bib on hand

Kids remote control. Program in 7 channels and then give them control. I love this thing!

I want one for each of my sons so they can store their works in progress without the mess. This great post on All for the Boys has lots of lego storage ideas.

I wonder about not connecting allowance with chores. We work for our money as adults. Re-read freakanomics before starting allowances. The rest I like though.

The best tips for dealing with sick kids. These are really great tips! Poor little babies :-(

Bath toy storage... I like this better than the frog with suction cups we have cuz it always falls off

THANK YOU to whoever created this amazing chart!!

A child size sink that can be attached to the bathtub, no need for stools. Lavabo d'apprentissage turquoise/orange

Organize your kids toys with these simple tips!

Glue bath toy openings to prevent mold from getting inside and you from having to clean them!!!!!!!!WHY DID I NOT THINK OF THIS?!

Poems to help children remember how to form numbers.

Restaurant kits... Pinner says "must stay in the car:) We use ours all the time. Much better than letting the phone, tablet, or iPad babysit."

Preparing your kids for the adult world. If only every parent did this. -) what do you think if this list?

First Year Quilts | how fun!! This would be so neat for them to have with all the little outfits they wore their first year of life!:'( Tooo cute!!