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Emily's Personal Pins

15 Pins

Jackson loves Pluto!

My baby cousin was soooo excited to meet Mickey Mouse. :3

This picture flat out made my day. Thank you, Carla! It's so perfect in every way♥ God, you do some amazing work!

My stud muffin of a cousin, baby Jackson♥

Me and my beautiful Chow Chow Mufasa. :)

My chow chow Mufasa. He's my world.

Dis is me and my best friend Megan. We are all sorts of adorable. :)

Sue and Dan Keyes. My grandparents 1962. :)

Lee and Marjorie Day. My grandparents on their wedding day<3

My Scotch-Irish family cress! :) Happy St. Paty's Day!

Working on my puff!

My vintage key holder♥

Pulling Peter Pan♥

Best friend Megan and I attempting to pull off Audrey Hepburn impressions.