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Our special exhibit featuring the astounding lives of octopuses, squid and cuttlefishes is now open. We’re so excited that we’ve dedicated this board to our love of all-things-armed-or-tentacled. Get ready for cephalopod overload!

Mimic Octopus wall sculpture by Kalliopi Monoyios

Miss these masters of disguise? We did! Glad to say we once again have pharaoh cuttlefish on exhibit in Tentacles.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Watch out for the tentacles! Pharaoh #cuttlefish have eight short arms with two long tentacles neatly tucked in the middle--ready to unfurl and snatch prey.

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Need a cool image to enliven your computer desktop? How about this cock-eyed squid?

Can't stop watching this strolling cephalopod? Don't be fooled by its delicate movement--the mimic octopus can easily scare off potential predators. In a flash, this master of mimicry changes its color and shape to hover like a lethal lionfish or slither like a poisonous sea snake.

Hawaiian bobtail squid by Joel Sartore. See them in our new Tentacles exhibition!

  • Anne Eychaner

    See them *if* you can find them. Their camouflage is AMAZING! :)

Here's an upcycled custom-created Tentacle Lamp made with serious Cepholopod Love! By Hilary Brown @LilBitOHil.

Twitter / LilBitOHil: Here's an upcycled custom-created ...

Cock-eyed squid. Photo by Steven Haddock, MBARI.