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April 2014 General Conference Jeopardy by Chocolate on my Cranium

This glue-in is a worksheet that helps your students get to know the great prophet Mormon and the ages when these events happened.

C.H.R.I.S.T acronym about the everyday powers of Christ!

Power Point Presentations for Seminary & Institute

Feast Upon The Words: 365 Book of Mormon prompts

Ideas for Teaching Jacob 5: The Olive Tree Allegory | Mormon Share

LDS Media Library - Book of Mormon Videos

October 2013 General Conference Jeopardy - 3 different versions: one power point, two pdf files - great for family home evening, Young Women/Young Men groups, and Seminary!

In the Book of Mormon is “The Psalm of Nephi” in 2 Nephi 4:15-35. Let the students be inspired by Nephi’s words, and then have them write their own psalm of praise.

LDS Scripture Literacy: The Lies of the Devil - empty word bubbles for kids to fill in when they find the lies Satan uses while reading the Book of Mormon.

Try these tips to make your seminary experience the best it can be.

Why is Chastity Important? Good ideas and object lessons for teaching Alma 39.

FREEBIE Coloring Page - Symbolism in 1 Nephi Chapter 18

"The Book of Mormon Will Change Your Life" Challenge

Book of Mormon Timeline - fits in your scriptures

2013 Summer Book of Mormon Reading Chart - Start May 30th, read 6.5 pages a day, and be done before the school year starts.

New Testament Scripture Clips. Download a free DVD containing 50 distinct video hints, divided into two Rounds of 25 hints. Each Round has one hint for each of the New Testament Scripture Mastery scriptures. This year's DVD has appearances from Batman, Bill Cosby, Star Wars, and Nacho Libre, among many others.

April 2013 General Conference Jeopardy in a Powerpoint Presentation - great for FHE, Seminary, or a Youth activity

The Armor of God Ephesians 6

Scripture Scatergories: Names and Titles of Jesus Christ

Remember the scriptures you learned in seminary? This journal has thoughtful questions that will help you increase your understanding of those scriptures.

This is a list of scripture references of the parables of Jesus from the New Testament. Print this off and keep it in your scripture study journal for personal or family scripture study.

Get to know the stories in the scriptures better. Use the Story Analysis scripture journal page. This page will help you figure out what’s happening, why, and what you can learn from it.