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I dont care what society thinks or says today. If my children act up and get in trouble: Im spanking their asses. Just like my parents did.

This is so true! Many people can learn from this. Want your kids to be respectful? Treat them with respect, but more importantly, as parents, treat EACH OTHER and others with respect. Demanding parents produce demanding kids. Dramatic parents product dramatic kids. Want your kids to be different and maybe have a better life than yours? Then break the cycle. It starts with the parents.

Yes they do. I have two that are proof that being raised with one parent vs another shows that. They are both very well rounded children, but my son sure does have times when I see things that I know was learned by being in another household.

Interesting List of tasks children can master, by age, to gradually gain independence.

100 Simple Service Projects for kids

"Decide how many more bites of dinner your child has to eat before being excused. Let your child roll so he’s the one in control." Brilliant!

Creative ways to discipline a child. Love this!

Teaching your children about "Stranger Danger" and how to stay safe.

  • Rachel Stopfer

    It is unfortunate that in this world today we HAVE to teach our children what to do if they ever find themselves in a situation

With warmer temperatures comes a challenge for parents: how to help their daughters dress modestly

Free online swimming lessons for babies, infants, children, learn to swim, swimming classes for any age

Free Printable coloring pages for your child

Don't waste your ink printing out "cutting skills printables"! Just draw some lines on a piece of construction paper and have your child try to copy them for extra practice.