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Susan Geckle

Susan Geckle

I'm a companion to dragonflies and a sister to seahorses.

Moon with strange flowers

Leaves and bug colored pencils

steam punk train made from cardboard

bright sun

Bug with swirly eyes

David Hammons, Glass wine bottles and sillicon glue, 1989

~ Spark Your Imagination ~

Vincent van Gogh.

Recycled Art Assemblage The Crow & The Skull by redhardwick, $135.00

cardboard steampunk train

Step-by-step Hand Building Clay Starfish Box - Lesson

Birds. 2005 by Elista (Elsa Mora)

Day Lily - Robert Kushner

bugs and stars, acrylic paints

Paper art- this looks amazing!

Singer - Aubrey Beardsley

How Queen Guenever rode on Maying I - Aubrey Beardsley