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High Priestess - Card from Golden Tarot

007- La Luna- Tarot Visconti-Sforza (via ayacata7)

Ace of Cups from the Morgan Greer tarot

The High Priestess as Eve; unashamed of her knowledge.

Card of the day May 22, 2012 - The High Priestess: gathering information and knowledge (instinctual knowledge, supernatural knowledge, secret knowledge, self-knowledge) to aid in a future decision. Illuminating the esoteric. Intuition. The balance of opposing principles that is at the basis of power. Light and Shadow within yourself. Inner transformation and subtle but deep change. Understanding whether action is needed.

The High Priestess is the Moon Maiden/Goddess in the cycles of the moon, the first aspect/phase of the Triple Goddess. She has a silent mysterious power that can look into one’s soul.

There is a legend that Mary Magdalene was the beloved of Jesus. She was a priestess in the temples of Isis, and as such, she was a master of the high esoteric arts of subtle energy movement. Together they practiced Egyptian Tantra, to prepare his subtle energy body for the resurrection. Her love for him was profound. Mary Magdalene represents a feminine archetype that is not afraid of her sexuality. It is time for her to regain her rightful place as the loving, sexual wife of Jesus.

Magician from the Mary-El Tarot

The Trionfi Project ~ Major Arcana By Black Tara 0 ~ The Fool The Fool is a minstrel, a vagrant, a madwoman, a wanderer. She leaps forward without fear, seeking only experience. She begins our journeys and brushes away risk with laughter.

"The Devil" of Major Arcana

I have an article in this issue on How the Major Arcana and Tibetan Book of the Dead can work together

Pamela Coleman Smith. Artist for the Rider-Waite tarot deck- completed all of the drawings in 6 months.