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Disney Princess Party

do not be fooled. this party is not for little kids. it is what my friend and i are planning for her bachelorette party! at Disney World in Orlando, Florida!

I lost it at the last one!!

Tumblr / iFunny :)

Aladdin Pickup Line. Hahaha this is fantastic!!!

Cast iron skillet. Defending defencless women in the kitchen for the last 2000 years. The most underrated bludgeon in history.

Let's do this, why don't we? Just dress up as a princess (not just any princess, but an awesome one!) and walk around town? Yeah, we should do that.

Rapunzel knows how to handle Hans <--OH MY GOSH I NEED TO SEE THIS HAPPEN...LIKE THIS IS AN ACTUAL NEED.

Nail polish bites - marshmallows dipped in frosting and topped with a tootsie roll. For girly spa day snacks

Rapunzel & Elsa edit by: vyettri Rapunzel & Elsa Character Art by: Brittney Lee

Disney Princesses: concept art, voice, animated character, character in the parks

Funny Movies Ecard: I blame Disney movies for making me believe singing fixes everything.