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Win a Custom T-Shirt Quilt

Tea time for classy ladies.

Fruit Roll-Up Fortune Cookies special note in kids lunches or Valentines Day

[STACKED] Individually packaged wine makes outside drinking a breeze. $12.99 each

Collin Firth sooo sexy!

Collin Firth. love of my life.

elephant necklace

Elephant Card Holder

Amazing Uses For Ordinary Things

Turn into a Tree After You Die: Bios Urn is a biodegradable urn which contains soil and a single tree seed which will be nourished by your ashes. By creating BiosCommunity, people can always be with their loved ones by registering their tree to GoogleEarth. You even have the choice to pick the type of tree you would like to become.

32 Stay-At-Home Date Ideas (Plus links to 350+ more ideas!)...Way to save some money! :)

This website provides all the states to be downloaded and printed

This guy lives in an apartment beneath two ridiculously stupid girls. He writes down all the stupid stuff they say. So entertaining!!

Website that sells mason jars for cheap....gotta remember this.

Lumineers poster.

Dryer sheet cuts your bathroom cleaning time in half - makes mirrors & bath fixtures sparkle and cuts right through soap scum on bathtub.Use to get sticky dust right off of furniture, blinds and baseboards. Cleans up cooktops and greasy cupboards quickly. Soak paintbrushes in warm water with a dryer sheet and watch the paint come right off. Clean dead, icky bugs from the car. Wipe pet hair off of clothes and furniture. Run over thread before sewing to keep tangles away.

Great single story floor plan

I like this! Some people are better at math, or art, or english, but you should never say a student fails in every one. You have to find out where their talent lies.