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Crescent rolls filled with feta, mozzarella, and spinach.

string cheese chopped into bite size pieces ... dipped in milk ... rolled in bread crumbs ... baked at 425 for 8-10 minutes ... serve with marinara sauce ... It's baked not fried!

Who needs a campfire to make s'mores? Now it's in dippable form... S'more Crack Dip.

Tons of bite-size appetizers for parties! AWESOME SITE!!! I just looked through this Pin and it is FULL of inspiring ideas for appetizers!

List of 17 dips... PERFECT to save for future parties!

Hissy Fit Dip - Rumor has it that the first time this was served at an SEC tailgating party; it was so popular that it was gone in no time flat! One uppity Southern belle who missed tasting the new recipe was distraught and pitched a big hissy fit, hence forth the name.

Snickers Dip-i love that this is served with pretzels! i love sweet and salty together!

Monte Cristo Bites --- this site has tons of awesome looking party appetizers

Sometimes you need a little "fluff" in life! This is our family recipe for "Puddin'head" -- a versatile concoction that serves as frosting, filling, hot chocolate topper, and on, and on!

Movie night treat: Marshmallow Caramel Popcorn. 1/2 c. brown sugar 1/2 c. butter 9-10 marshmallows 12 c. popcorn. Microwave brown sugar and butter for 2 minutes. Add marshmallows. Microwave until melted, 1 1/2 to 2 minutes. Pour over popcorn.

A "Party Loaf" for your next family gathering!

Hidden Valley Ranch Sausage Stars. Perfect for football season! These are the best things ever!!!