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Yup. I'm a nerd.

I swear by my pretty, floral bonnet, you must eat this.

Everyone needs to watch this gif a few hundred times.

Sherlock's heartwarming speech, The Sign of Three. Is it possible to read this and not cry?

promise me...that you'll never leave me behind again

All the faith he had had.... had had no effect on the outcome of his life.

  • J. Faith

    haha it does make sense but nothing annoys me more than seeing "had had."

"i love loki. not because he's a good person, but because he's so layered. and tom hiddleston's acting is so good i just want to give him a big hug." I second this. I don't love Loki because I think he's super hot (although I do) or because I think he's a good guy, but because he's one of the most complex villains and so well acted.

This is potentially the most accurate description of myself that I have ever found...

"I wonder what Clara with think when her little crush regenerates into an old man" <--mixed feelings about this

Why "Share a Coke with Sherlock" may not be the wisest ad campaign