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"FIREFLIES It was that evening with fireflies while we were waiting for the bus to Velletri that we saw two old people kissing under the plane tree. It was then you said, half to the air half to me: Whoever loves for years hasn't lived in vain. And it was then I caught sight of the first fireflies in the darkness, sparkling with flashes of light around your head. It was then."

Found only on the islands of Oahu, Molokai, Maui, and Hawaii, the happy face spider, such as this one guarding its eggs on a leaf in Maui, is known for the unique patterns that decorate its pale abdomen. / via @binx

Here comes the sun---life is good!!

Rainbow Butterfly (original source unknown)

Beautiful Wallpapers: Rainbow wallpaper 2010

"Fluorescent fireworm" by David Barrio

Metamorphosis. It is one thing to have a larvae or a worm, but that it would transform into a totally different insect, is really something else!