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Tips for Growing Great Carrots Use a template, 3-4 seeds in each opening, cover w/sand or vermiculate, or very light soil. Put a piece of burlap over the seed area to hold moisture in soil

Tips for Growing Great Carrots | Chiot's Run

"Multiply store-bought sweet potatoes: place 1 sweet potato in a bucket of moist soil. As slips (shoots) appear, pull them out & place them six at a time into 20-gallon buckets. Wait 4 months, empty bucket & harvest 3-4 gallons of organic, homegrown sweet potatoes per bucket."

Canna Lilies: How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Canna Flowers from The Old Farmer's Almanac.

Cannas: How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Canna Flowers
  • Carol Strogen

    We have many of these and save the tubers over the winter. Hummingbirds love them!

  • Mary Walmer

    I inherited some with our new home, they over wintered in the ground which is surprising.

Orange tropical cannas in a cobalt blue container

TheDesignFile: Now for some design ideas … outdoors

Containerfyndar | blomsterverkstad

Containerfyndar | blomsterverkstad | Sköna Hem

Dicentra 'Burning Hearts' Simply the longest-blooming Dicentra we have ever seen, this cross of D. peregrina rubra and D. eximia offers striking two-toned flowers for up to 6 months, beginning as early as mid-spring and continuing right up to summer's end! Perfect for garden or container, this shade-lover is a splendid addition to any garden. These also attract BUTTERFLIES!

Burning Hearts Bleeding Heart (Burning Hearts) at Wayside Gardens

Cornstarch - Tomatoes best friend - safe alternative to poisons - helps deter many garden pests that feed on tomatoes

Cornstarch: your friend in the garden

Yes and Amen Blog

back patio makeover, outdoor furniture, outdoor living, painted furniture, patio, The patio makeover complete

Back Patio Makeover

gardening flowers backyard full bloom summer canada, flowers, gardening

Gorgeous Backyard Garden in Full Bloom

Killing Aphids with Soap. HOMEMADE INSECTICIDAL SOAP CONCENTRATE 1/4 cup grated soap (I use Fels-Naptha, but Ivory or other real soap - see above - will work) 4 cups hot water Stir soap into water until dissolved. Store in a jar until ready to use. To dilute for plant use: Add 1 tsp. concentrate per 4 cups (32 oz.) of water. Pour solution into a spray bottle. This soap is a contact poison - spray directly onto the aphids. It will not harm your plants.

Alternative Gardning: Getting Rid of Aphids

Easy Patriotic Luminaries-pickle jars and Dollar Spot flags with Mod podge!

Keep Calm and Decorate: Easy Patriotic Luminaries

plant hanger

Spoon Hangers – Home and Garden

DIY Butterfly Feeder - a bright colored bowl with a plastic mesh pot scrubber in it; just add sugar water (4 parts water, 1 part granulated sugar) and wait for the butterflies to show up.

Butterfly (& other polinator) feeder

Home Decorating Ideas with Plants | Design & DIY Magazine

Home Decorating Ideas with Plants | Design & DIY Magazine

Get Your Yard Ready For Winter! Tips and tricks to get your lawn and garden ready for the cold weather!

Get Your Yard Ready For Winter! || Practically Functional

Garden Markers made from clay and copper -- you would need access to a kiln to make these

DIY plant garden markers for a container fairy herb garden - fun project. Find the spoons for super cheap at yard sales and thrift shops

DIY Fairy Herb Garden