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Community Management and Social Business

Great post on "Why Everyone Should Be Trained in Customer Support"

Why Everyone Should Be Trained in Customer Support

"Measuring Business Communities: Are We Doing It Wrong?" Great article by Maria Ogneva on community definition, strategy, and measurement.

Measuring Business Communities: Are We Doing It Wrong?

Great social media tips - click through to the article

"Are you a Community Manager or a Conversation Architect?" by Kelly Craft. "An architect is a qualified professional who designs, plans and supervises construction. An architect is a strategist who looks ahead to envision the ultimate goal of building some lasting and stable."

People don't become more collaborative or better collaborators just because you give them excellent tools for sharing any more than they cook more or prepare better meals because you give them excellent food processors and ovens. #HBR

Great post on community basics, with examples

Business is personal and always has been - Harold Jarche

Great list for recommended mindset and approach to collaboration projects.

Fantastic story about how small actions can build into something very big.

"Sharing with intent is curation. It takes discernment to know when & how to share." ~ Harold Jarche

'If you took your business culture and unleashed it onto the world by transparently broadcasting your employees unfiltered thoughts….their opinions of their environment, their co-workers, their leadership, their sense of purpose, all spread out on a public table for the world to see….would that scare you or make you proud?' ~ Matt Ridings

Make it matter. If you want customers, employees, members to use it - whatever 'it' is - make it matter to them. From "Extracting the “essence” of a company for online learning purposes"