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Ear Infections

Please note these pins were originally placed for the PICTURES ONLY, as a way to understand ear infections better, and do NOT endorse any links behind them!!

All you ever wanted to know about ear wax. WARNING: Do NOT use q-tips in the ear!!

saline mist to clear the noses of children

Normal versus infected middle ear (view of the TM)

Looking at the tympanic membrane in your baby

Viewing your sinuses and how they open up as you age. Note the red line on his left is supposed to represent the eustachian tube going from his nasopharynx to his middle ear

How the tube connects from your middle ear to your nose and throat

What the ENT does when they put in tympanostomy tubes to alleviate chronic fluid behind the ear drum, which keeps getting infected or is causing hearing loss

Another view of what is happening inside your middle ear when you get fluid (and then an infection)

Another view of your doctor looking at your ear with an otoscope (that special light thingy)

Anatomy of an ear infection, showing how fluid (then bacteria) fill up behind the ear drum, in the middle ear

This is NOT an "ear infection", which is otitis media (infection of middle ear), this is OTITIS EXTERNA (external ear infection of the canal), aka swimmer's ear

A child's eustachian tube is straighter and smaller than an adults, plus they have less sinuses and smaller sinuses, so they tend to get more ear infections

A Brief History of the Eustachian Tube