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a la Harold Edgerton's photography. The Dance of the Air Faeries

The kelpie is a supernatural water horse from Celtic folklore, that is believed to haunt the rivers and lochs of Scotland and Ireland. The horse’s appearance is strong, powerful and breathtaking. Its hide was supposed to be black (though in some stories it was white), and it will appear to be a lost pony, but can be identified by its constantly dripping mane. Its skin is like that of a seal, smooth, but is as cold as death when touched. Water horses are known to transform into beautiful women...

Yaroslav Gerzhedovich - Winter Dryad

Spectrum 5: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art

The Iniciatic Well, Entering the Path of Knowledge - Regaleira Estate, Sintra, Portugal

Medicine by Gustav Klimt. Unfortunately, this was destroyed in 1945.

Ice ship sculpture created by set designer and art director Rhea Thierstein | Shot by Tim Walker

The Secret Pet Society, Travis Louie

Оригинальный размер изображения 'Dark Fantasy by Gerald Brom'