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Breastfeeding into Toddlerhood: Why it’s Normal and Natural - Mothering

Celebrity Mom Causes Debate with Breastfeeding Shot in Glamour - Mothering

Breastfeeding and need a little help or motivation? Breastfeeding Tips: 153 Pieces of Advice from Real Moms--We recently asked our community to share their best tips and advice for breastfeeding success and here are the results. Thanks to all the moms who took the time to share their nursing wisdom with the world!

I don’t think I managed much of a coherent reply. Probably just stuttered and blushed and choked out a thank you. Her kids came by then, two preteen boys, and she left. I never got to tell her how much her words meant to me. How it was the first time a stranger had gone out of their way to say something kind, just because. How after that encounter every dirty look and offended scoff no longer bothered me quite as much.

Breastfeeding Tips: 153 Pieces of Advice from Real Moms

"Celebrating World Breastfeeding Month" Photo Contest Come vote for your favorite!

"Celebrating World Breastfeeding Month" Photo Contest

We're counting up the total months our community of moms have breastfed. Please come join us and include your total months in our count to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week!

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But is it safe for my baby? Breastfeeding and medications

Breastfeeding Beats the Blues