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Mysterious Ancient America

This is your guide to the mysteries of Ancient America. Nephilim giant's remains found across North America. Discover some of these fascinating and mysterious historical records that describe a little known part of our American history.

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Giants and Pygmy Race Buried Side by Side in Shawneetown, Illinois

  • Lynda Gutierrez

    What in the world does the above photo have to do with your latest, supposed Giant and Pygmy Race story? (Let me answer that: nothing.)

Ancient Indo European (Cro-Magnon) Skull Described at West Virginia Stone Wall

Tippet Burial Mound in Licking County, Ohio

8 Foot Nephilim Giant Uncovered in Ontario, Canada

The Story Burial Mound in Chillicothe, Ohio - Another Half Assed Restoration by the Ohio Historical Society.

The Story Burial Mound in Chillicothe, after being pilfered by the Ohio Historical Society.

The Story Burial Mound in Chillicothe, Ohio before being destroyed by the Ohio Historical Society.

Evidence of Modern Dentistry Found in Mound Builders Teeth

About the Hopi Indian flute ceremony

About Native Americans: About the Hopi Beliefs and Ceremonies

Ancient Giant Human Skeleton Discovered in Richmond, Indiana. Skeleton measured 8 feet in length.

Archaeology Map of the Mound Builders Works in Ohio

Rare photo of a burial mound in Northern Indiana that has not been destroyed by university archaeologists

More Gigantic Human Remains Reported From Mounds State Park

Ancient Giantess Queen of the Little Miami River. Her Tomb is Discovered in Warren County, Ohio

An Ancient Giant Humans Grave is Discovered in Athens, New York

Advanced Race of Giants Uncovered In New York Burial Mounds

Nephi Giant Human Skeletons Revealed at Fort Hill in New York

Mysterious Prehistoric Square Forts Constructed by a Race of Giants

Giant Skeletons Reported Near Native American Fish Weir in Wabash County, Indiana

Iroquois circular earthen fort (800 A.D.) located in northeast Indiana

Ancient Iroquois horseshoe shaped earthen fortification on the Maumee River, north of Fort Wayne, Indiana

Nephilim Chronicles: Giant Human Skeletons: Giant Human Skeletons, Clad in Bronze Armor Discovered in Ohio Burial Mound

Nephilim Queens Tomb is Discovered in Athens County, Ohio

Large Skeletons Discovered in Stone Burial Mounds, South Of the Newark, Ohio Earthworks