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Mysterious Ancient America

This is your guide to the mysteries of Ancient America. Nephilim giant's remains found across North America. Discover some of these fascinating and mysterious historical records that describe a little known part of our American history.

Nephilim Chronicles: Giant Human Skeletons: Plagairism of Photo in, "The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America: The Missing Skeletons and the Gre...

Smithsonian Scientist Uncover Giant Human Skeleton in Illinois

Skeleton Measuring 7 feet 6 inches is Uncovered by Smithsonian Scientist in West Virginia

Giant Human Skeleton Discovered on the Shore of Lake Michigan in Chicago

Iroquois Indian's Legend of an Ancient Pygmy Race

About Native Americans: Iroquois Indian's Legend of a Pygmy Race

Skeletons of an 8 Foot Woman and 9 foot Man Uncovered in a Burial Mound Near Ohio's Serpent Mound

Hebrew/Phoenician Script Discovered in a Tennessee Burial Mound

Giant Horned,Nephilim Race Uncovered In Toledo, Ohio

Giant Human Skeletons: Giant Nephilim Race Found In Toledo, Ohio

8 foot Nephilim Giant Human Pulled from Ohio Burial Mound, near Chillicothe, Ohio

9 Foot Ancient Giant Human Unearthed in the Connersville, Indiana Cemetery

Ancient Giant Sized Iroquois Remains Discovered in Dansville, New York

Stone Circles, Early Nephilim Megalithic Remains in North America

The Nephilim Chronicles: Fallen Angels in the Ohio Valley: Smithsonian Scientists Uncover Giant Cherokee in Georgia Indian Mound

Prehistoric Battlefield Yields 100,000 Giant Neanderthal Looking Skulls in Kansas...

Ohio Travel and Tourism: 27 Largest Ancient Burial Mounds in Ohio

Were the Mound Builders the Lost Tribe of Israel?

Serpent Mound and Burial Mounds in Chicago, Illinois

Ancient burial mound next to a now abandoned country church in Athens county, Ohio

Mound Builders: Mound Builders:Ohio Mounds, Athens County, Ohio

One of Ohio's larger Adena burial mounds located in Athens county, Ohio

Mound Builders: Mound Builders:Ohio Mounds, Athens County, Ohio

House sits on an ancient giant's burial mound. Think this place is haunted?

Mound Builders: Mound Builders:Ohio Mounds, Athens County, Ohio

Adena Hopewell burial mound in Lynn, Randolph County, Indiana

Windsor, Indiana Adena burial mound

Map of the Mound Builders remains in Randolph County, Indiana