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A list of Broadway Shows that can be found in full on YouTube!! BEST PIN OF MY LIFE!!

In between shows, for Seussical, I went to the mall and sat in the children's section of Barnes and Nobel with several other cast members(also in stage makeup) and read Dr. Seuss books.

Im not a theatre kid, but i do this all the time. Does that mean that i should be in theatre or im just crazy?

When your thinks have run dry, in the blink of an eye, there's another think there! If you open your, oh, the thinks you will find lining up to get loose! Oh, the thinks you can think when you think about Seuss!

Accurate. except for the fact that I make sure to have some friends that will obsess with me.

[ theatre kid problems ] yes :) and though scary is exciting nice is different than good ;)

[ theatre kid problems ] my little sister is always mixing him up with Andrew Lloyd Webber too...

theatre kid problems | ... theatre kid problems theatre kid probs theatre kid probz theater kid

Nothing but the truth. Especially this year.

UGH, my life. [ theatre kid problems ]

I remember, the last show I was in there was one point where we were down in the green room and like half of us were singing show tunes to other just standing in a line singing and somebody's mom (who was supposed to be supervising us) had this look on her face like: "what is wrong with these people?????"

I just wear comfy clothes, I don't care what I look like at drama... I'm not trying to impress anybody there! Haha!

You don't know how many times I've lived through this! DURING SHOWS TRYING TO PUT COSTUMES AWAY TO SEE PEOPLE AGAIN!!

And feeling really awkward when you see other people hugging each other and you're just like, " I like this chair, it's a nice chair."

yes. #musicaltheatermajorprobs ...this is exactly what happened when I first saw Phantom of the Opera when I was twelve years old...and again when I first saw Les Miserables...and then again when I saw Wicked...I have really high expectations...

[ theatre kid problems ] THIS IS LIKE 90% OF MY IPOD RIGHT HERE

And covering your eyes does not count. [ theatre kid problems ]