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Emails - Holiday Season

Examples of agile holiday email marketing campaigns that maximize engagement and ROI.

Once the online shipping deadline for Christmas had passed, the call-to-action in this email from Finish Line changed to promote e-gift card purchases and in-store pickups. #emailmarketing #realtime

Movable Ink's 2013 holiday e-card was a real-time campaign to raise $500 for Meals on Wheels. For every "click to tweet", we donated $1 to the charity. The latest tweets appeared in the email, and a live counter showed how much money was raised to date. Recipients could check back on the email to see the updates. After we reached our $500 goal, the animated counter changed to announce we hit our goal thanks to your support. #emailmarketing #holidayemail #fundraising #socialmedia #realtime

Movable Ink | Agile Email Marketing

As shipping time became more limited approaching the holidays, Lilly Pulitzer encouraged shoppers to order online and pick up at the closest store location by including a real-time local map and store address information in this holiday email. #emailmarketing #retail #geotargeting #holidayemail

Movable Ink | Agile Email Marketing

This holiday email from Michael Kors encouraged recipients to stop by their local stores by listing out nearby locations and phone numbers. When opened on mobile, recipients could click to call each store location directly from the email, or click to view the location in the Google Maps app. #emailmarketing #retail #geotargeting #mobile

Lilly Pulitzer included a real-time Twitter feed in this holiday email showing the latest tweets from Lilly fans using the hashtag #buymelilly. #emailmarketing #retail #socialmedia #holidayemail

Movable Ink | Agile Email Marketing

Home Depot used a live countdown clock to create a sense of urgency for a limited-time online sale. Subject line: Up to 20% Off 'til Midnight #emailmarketing #retail #countdownclock #holidayemail

RadioShack's 2013 #CyberMonday "24 Deals in 24 Hours" email encouraged recipients to check back each hour to see the latest deal. The featured item refreshed itself automatically in the email, and an animated countdown clock showed the time remaining until the next deal reveal. A live feed of RadioShack's tweets encouraged subscribers to tweet their guesses. #emailmarketing #retail #holidayemail #countdownclock #socialmedia

Movable Ink | Agile Email Marketing

American Eagle Outfitters included an embedded video (above "This Year, Give Something Legendary") in this holiday email promotion. #emailmarketing #video #retail #holidayemail

Movable Ink | Agile Email Marketing

TJMaxx included an embedded video promoting a gift card giveaway contest in this holiday email. The video played directly in the inbox, with no need to open in an external browser or media player. #emailmarketing #retail #holidayemail #video

Movable Ink | Agile Email Marketing

American Signature Furniture used a live countdown clock to show when its Black Friday deals ad circular would be released. After the ad was available, the image in the same email changed to show an updated call-to-action. Embedded video in email played directly in the inbox. #emailmarketing #countdownclock #video #retail #holidayemail #blackfriday

American Eagle Outfitters Black Friday email showing recipients their closest brick-and-mortar locations #emailmarketing #geotargeting #blackfriday