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Emails - Local

Display contact targeted at the current location of a recipient. Show local maps with points-of-interest based on where a recipient opens your email.

Purina included a local five-day weather forcast in this email to alert dog owners of the best days to walk their dogs. This email also included the latest Instagram photos with #justrightpetfood, and the feed was displayed at the bottom of the email. #emailmarketing # retail #realtime #geotargeting #countdowntimer

Finish Line used real-time geo-targeting to promote different college apparel depending on where the subscriber opened the email. For example, when the email was opened in Indiana, subscribers saw college apparel related to the state. #emailmarketing #geotargeting #realtime #retail

Movable Ink | Agile Email Marketing

This email from ivivva, a member of the lululemon family, included a real-time local map which showed the nearest ivivva store location, hours, and contact information at the moment of email open. Click the image to learn more about this campaign. #emailmarketing #realtime #geotargeting

Lilly Pulitzer encouraged subscribers to shop new arrivals at their closest store by including a real-time local map in this email. #emailmarketing

American Express used real-time geo-targeting to show eligible card members a map of the nearest qualified retailers where they could redeem Membership Rewards points. This email, sent to a segment of card members in Mexico, showed the closest pharmacies based on the email recipient’s current location. #emailmarketing

Movable Ink | Agile Email Marketing

Hyatt's Reservation Reminder email included a real-time 7-day weather forecast tailored to the traveler's hotel destination. For example, this email from the Hyatt Regency Chicago included the real-time 7-day forecast for Chicago. Click the image to read more about this on the Movable Ink Blog.

This email promotion from Seamless included a 3-day weather forecast at the bottom, targeted for each recipient’s location at the time of open. On days that showed rain or thunderstorms, the creative beneath the forecast read: “Don’t get drenched. Order in!”

Emails We Love: Seamless (Weather targeting) | Movable Ink Blog

Finish Line's Final Four email promo is pretty awesome. Each email is geo-targeted in real-time to showcase specific teams based off of the open. If you open the email in Michigan, you will see the Wolverines. In Kansas, you'll see Wichita State. In NY, you'll see Syracuse, etc. And if you open within 100 miles of the college campus, you'll get that school. Out of state or out of the 100 mile range = generic email promoting all 4 schools. Whichever team you're supporting - good luck tonight!

Movable Ink | Agile Email Marketing