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Emails - Social

Stream the social media conversation around your brand into email.

In this email, Finish Line used deep linking to Twitter with a pre-populated tweet to allow subscribers to tweet their support for the 2014 Super Bowl teams. #emailmarketing #retail #superbowl #socialmedia

Movable Ink | Agile Email Marketing

Lilly Pulitzer's October edition of "The Monthly Juice" newsletter included two deep-linked pre-populated tweets. With a single click, recipients could prompt Twitter to open on a desktop browser, mobile browser, or mobile app if detected as installed. A tweet with a quote or the #lifesaparty hashtag was auto-populated and ready to send. #emailmarketing #socialmedia #retail #marketing

Movable Ink | Agile Email Marketing

This email from South Park uses a countdown clock to show the time remaining until the season premiere, and includes live tweets. When the email is opened on mobile, a new call-to-action appears at the bottom of the message promoting the South Park Sound Board App. #emailmarketing #socialmedia

Comedy Central email sent after the "Half Xmas" episode of Workaholics aired. Used live tweets to encourage fans to "keep the Half Xmas parties going," along with a link to watch the full episode. #emailmarketing #socialmedia

Movable Ink | Agile Email Marketing