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Emails - Time-Sensitive

Show days, hours, minutes, and seconds using a countdown clock.

In this email, 1-800-PetMeds is using a personalized image at the top of the message that displays the recipient's pet's name. This email also includes a timer that counts down to the end of a "last chance" sale. #emailmarketing #countdowntimer #realtime

In this email, Lilly Pulitzer used two time-targeted images to promote a one-day flash sale. During the sale, the email displayed one image with a corresponding click-through URL. Once the sale ended, the email displayed an alternate image with a different click-through URL. #emailmarketing #countdowntimer #retail

In this email the United States Tennis Association (USTA) included a countdown clock that showed the time remaining until the USTA Semiannual Meeting and Conference in New York City. The USTA also included also included a five-day weather forecast for New York, allowing conference attendees to plan accordingly. #emailmarketing #realtime #countdowntimer #sportsmarketing

This email from Finish Line included a live countdown clock until the launch of the Retro 3 Jordan sneaker. Once the shoe was on sale, a live web crop at the bottom showed the current sizes remaining.

7 For All Mankind used a countdown clock to show how much time was left until the end of the "Fashion Denim Days" sale. #emailmarketing #countdownclock #retail #realtime

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Golf Magazine used a countdown clock and time-sensitive creative to promote a limited-time offer. The number of days displayed in the "2 days left" banner you see here changed depending on the day the subscriber opened the message. #emailmarketing #countdownclock #realtime #media

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Once the online shipping deadline for Christmas had passed, the call-to-action in this email from Finish Line changed to promote e-gift card purchases and in-store pickups. #emailmarketing #realtime

XFINITY by Comcast used a live, animated countdown clock to show the time remaining until the start of the Sochi 2014 Olympics coverage. #emailmarketing #media #olympics #countdownclock #realtime

Movable Ink | Agile Email Marketing

ESPN streamed the live score of this game directly into the email. If opened after the game ended, the final score was shown and the call-to-action changed to direct subscribers to a recap of the game. #emailmarketing #realtime #media #sportsmarketing

Movable Ink | Agile Email Marketing

Walgreens counted down until the end of a limited time holiday sale on photo products. After the offer had expired, the email completely changed to promote a new offer and call to action. #emailmarketing #retail #countdownclock #holidayemail

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The call-to-action in this holiday email from Lilly Pulitzer completely changed if the recipient opened it after Cyber Monday when the special offers had passed. #emailmarketing #holidayemail #retail #realtime

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ASOS used a live animated countdown clock in this email to show how much time remained until the end of a sale. #emailmarketing #retail #countdownclock

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RadioShack's 2013 #CyberMonday "24 Deals in 24 Hours" email encouraged recipients to check back each hour to see the latest deal. The featured item refreshed itself automatically in the email, and an animated countdown clock showed the time remaining until the next deal reveal. A live feed of RadioShack's tweets encouraged subscribers to tweet their guesses. #emailmarketing #retail #holidayemail #countdownclock #socialmedia

American Signature Furniture used a live countdown clock to show when its Black Friday deals ad circular would be released. After the ad was available, the image in the same email changed to show an updated call-to-action. Embedded video in email played directly in the inbox. #emailmarketing #countdownclock #video #retail #holidayemail