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Create an adorable frog themed classroom! 174 PAGES IN ALL!This pack includes: 1. 52 alphabet posters with pictures(Modern Manuscript and Print) *YOU CAN CHOOSE WHICH STYLE TO DISPLAY IN YOUR CLASSROOM 2. Number posters 0-20 with ten frames 3. 2D and 3D shape posters (circle, square, rectangle, triangle,hexagon, oval, rhombus, heart, star, sphere, cube, rectangular prism, pyramid, cone, cylinder) 4. Nametags in four colors 5. Nametags in four colors with alphabet and numbers 0-20 6. 12 months of the year calendar headers 7. 4 blank tags 8. Number cards 1-100 9. Fabulous frog behavior clip chart(outstanding behavior, good day, ready to learn, think about it, teacher's choice, parent contact) 10. 8 binder covers (reading, math, social studies, science, health, common core standards, meetings, blank) 11. Digraph Posters-sh, th, ch, wh, ph, oo (in m.manuscript and print) 12. Birthday Charts 13. Color Posters

Frog Theme Mega Pack

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Wrapping Week 2012!

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