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Everything Under the Sun. This lady has the easiest and yet most detail-oriented system for food storage I've found yet. She gives you her booklets for free if you email her.

Everything Under The Sun: March 2010

Got a spouse that doesn't want to prepare? Here are some pointers!

Got a Spouse that Doesn’t Want to Prepare? | The ReadyBlog

Catching fish for survival: This site has lots of cool ways to catch stuff-snares, traps and this really interesting way to snag fish. I'm sure we'll try them this summer...over and over...and be thankful for our turkey sandwiches! haha!

SurvivalGearup: How To Make Traps And Snares For Survival

How to make lye from wood ash...under emergency prep because you CAN buy lye for now. It another thats getting regulated out of existence though....

The 1 Year Supply of Sprouting Seeds - The Preparedness Seeds 1 Year Supply of Sprouting Seeds is the most complete and nutritionally dense element of your food storage plan. Each bucket has a one-year supply of sprouting seeds for one person.

Wow, great idea, and the manufacturer actually explains it for DIY-ers! It doesn't really heat a whole house, but for a small hut, it could work on cold spring/fall evenings when you don't want to start the wood stove.