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11 Surprising Perks of Practicing Yoga

11 Surprising Perks of Practicing Yoga

Strengthen and tone your powerful gams with this quick and effective workout.

As many a runner (including me!) can confirm - your iliotibial (IT) band, a thick band of tissue that runs from your hips to your knee and shin on the outer side of each leg, should not be ignored. Tight IT bands can lead to ITBS or IT band syndrome, which manifests as pain on the outside of the knee cap and can make it hard — or impossible — to stick with your running hobby.

Knee Pain? Start Doing These Exercises ASAP


Daily motivation (25 photos)

21 Day Fix Meal Plans and Ideas #21DayFix

21-Day Fix Meal Plans and Ideas - Beach Ready Now

21 Day Fix Grocery List, Melanie Mitro

Committed to Get Fit: 21 Day Fix Grocery List

love this.. Beau says this to me all the time but not about fitness :P

15 Brilliant Pieces Of Advice | Full Punch

Veggies That Help You Drop the Most Pounds! If you're not a fan of saddlebags, muffin tops, tummy tires, and arm jiggle — then fiber is a must! Slim down those areas of extra fluff by decreasing your overall body fat, which means cutting calories. Eating fiberlicious foods fills you up. Bonus: consuming 25 to 30 grams a day keeps your belly happy and reduces your risk of breast cancer and type 2 diabetes.

20 Healthy, low sugar snacks to keep blood sugar in check.

Do this workout 3-4 days a week for quick transformation. holy cow.

100 workout. Takes less than 5 minutes, perfect for just before you jump in the shower.

What 100 Calories Looks Like: Veggie Edition. Crazy how much of fruits/veggies you can eat compared to a small 100-calorie pack!

This is probably the most do-able, get-started clean eating plan i've seen. its simple and the meals actually look good- Clean eating inspiration with shopping list and recipes.

9 muffin-top melting moves to get you back in your skinny jeans | HellaWella

Torch almost 400 calories in 32 minutes: Run at speed 7 for one minute, walk on 15 incline speed 4 for 3 minutes. Repeat 8 times. Also will keep your body burning fat long after you've finished working out. Intervals are actually better than running for a straight period of time!