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Bread Recipes & Muffin Recipes

If you're harboring a secret desire to open up your own bakery, then this is the place to get started! We've got plenty of homemade bread recipes, homemade muffin recipes, chocolate muffin recipes, blueberry muffin recipes, banana muffin recipes, healthy muffin recipes, garlic bread recipes, apple muffin recipe, banana bread recipes, mini muffin recipes, corn bread recipes, pumpkin muffin recipes, cinnamon raisin bread recipes, and more!

Shoofly Muffins - A cinnamon-sugar morning treat

5 Easy Apple Muffin Recipes for breakfast

Sweet Wheat Bread - Making fresh baked goods at home is a cinch with our recipe for homemade bakery bread.

Down-South Cornbread - Get a buddy for your chili with this warm, soft recipe for Down-South Cornbread.

Shortcut Amish Friendship Bread - No need to wait around for days for your friendship bread when you've got this easy shortcut version!

Peanut Butter Pound Cake - If you were already a fan of regular pound cake, just wait until you try this irresistible peanut butter variation.

Bacon Corn Bread - What's the one thing that makes this corn bread recipe stand out from all the others? It's gotta be all that yummy bacon!

Raspberry Lemon Sweet Rolls - We've put a twist on a classic cinnamon roll recipe for these fruity summer favorites. Use your favorite flavor of jam to make 'em your own!

Kickin' Corn Bread - It's the side dish recipe that goes with everything: chili, ribs, chicken, and more. Your backyard BBQ isn't complete without some homemade cornbread.

Make sure to save those zucchinis from your vegetable garden to make this homemade Chocolate Zucchini Bread recipe.

No knife needed for this one! Our recipe for Cheesy Spoon Bread makes for the ideal accompaniment to your family dinner.

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5 ingredients + 1 hour = homemade bread cooking in your oven! With a couple of unique ingredients thrown in (beer and sour cream!), this bread recipe is surprisingly delicious.

Turn 'em upside down! Get your dose of tropical with our Upside Down Pineapple Muffin recipe. They're perfect for summer parties!

This homemade biscuit recipe makes for the perfect side dish for any meal. Its warm, cheesy flavoring is a winner with adults and children alike.

Chocolate lovers, move over! Blueberry Lemon Loaf is here, and it has the perfect combination of flavors. If you're looking for a homemade bread recipe that'll help you rise and shine in the morning, this one will do it!

We're gettin' in a baking kind of mood. What better way to express our love of a fresh-from-the-oven treat like with these 5 simple banana muffin recipes?!

These heavenly looking holiday biscuits will add a festive touch to your entertaining. They're also super gifts, so bake a double batch and share their tasty goodness!

Bapple Bread - Featuring bananas and applesauce, here's a quick bread that you'll want to make again and again.

My Aunt's Blueberry Muffins - These would make the perfect weekend breakfast #recipe!

Make yourself a 1950's-style breakfast with these tasty Hummingbird Muffins.