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Woodfired ovens

I don't love Pizza, (The actual product as a food.) but I absolutely love the process. Smelling the starter as it matures, watching the sponge come alive, and seeing the breath of fermentation give life to the four. The kneading, the rising, feeling the silky texture of the dough. The rolling, the stretching. I love the prep, marketing, slicing, chopping. I love arranging all the condiments, keeping all the ingredients in balance and proportion. I love the process of the heating the oven, making the fire, feeding it, feeling the heat emanating from the front. The smell of the smoke. placing the pizza in the oven, the constant tending, to keep any one side from burning...... All that I truly do love. So I built myself a woodburning oven out of firebrick, a kiln shelf, a steel wok, and a large terracotta flower pot.... As soon as I can figure out how, I'll post the picks here. Meanwhile, here are some photos I found that are appropriate to the board.

Arugula, lightly dressed with olive oil & lemon

Dressed and ready for the oven

twice risen, one hour rest; lets make pizza!

Setting the flower pot on the wok.....

Two minutes later...... Tortilla sausage pizza. Delish!

I thought that the aluminum foil was important to retain heat..... Totally unnecessary.