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Chocolate Dipped Apple Slices - I love this could do a caramel layer first. So much easier to eat than the whole version!

Healthy Fruit Pop

Chocolate kiwi popsicles in Food Recipes for babies and kids

Where To Find Healthy Lunch Meats - a great guide to ensuring your lunch isn't filled with yucky additives or chemicals! #healthyliving #realfood #nutrition #diet #health #wellness #howto #lunchmeat #lunch

Where to Find Healthy Lunch Meats

Healthy Back to School Lunches Made Easy {}

Healthy Back-to-School Lunches Made Easy! - Keeper of the Home

Sweet Potato Patties Recipe from Eat well 101

Recipe: Sweet Potato Patties

This delicious recipe for Steak Sauce is the perfect homemade sauce to top your grilled summer meats!

Recipe for Steak Sauce

Make Your Own Baked Taco Shells | Eating Well

Make Your Own Baked Taco Shells | Eating Well

Fruit ideas

Zucchini Pizza Bites - Healthy, nutritious pizza bites that come together in just 20 minutes with only 5 ingredients!

Zucchini Pizza Bites - Damn Delicious

Orange Peel Powder. A natural vitamin C powder whcih is anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, bacterial feeding and balancing and tastes great in so many recipes. Come and check out what you can do with something you would normally throw away! #orange #realfood #recipes #healthy #anti-inflammatory #healing #delicious #lemon #grapefruit

Orange Peel Powder - Loula Natural

Chocolate Volcano Cookies | Taking On Magazines | www.takingonmagaz... | These gluten-free Chocolate Volcano Cookies are deliciously chewy on the inside and crunchy on the outside with an uber-rich chocolate flavor.

Chocolate Volcano Cookies

Make super fast sorbet in seconds with two Ziploc® bags. Pour fruit puree in one bag, seal it, and shake it in another bag with ice and salt.

Coconut Milk + Nectarine Pops

Nectarine and Coconut Milk Popsicles

Raw Superfood Chocolate Popsicle. INGREDIENTS: 2 Ripe Avocados, 1 Ripe Banana, 2.5 Tbls Cocoa Powder, 1.5 Tbls honey, ¾ Cup Milk of choice, ½ tsp vanilla. METHOD: mix in blender & pour into popsicle moulds, freeze.

chocolate avocado popsicle recipe