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Vintage Inspired Swimsuit 50's Style Pin Up Black Polka Dot Bathing Suit $75.00

nice swimsuit but she looks a tad too skinny. please eat a loaf of bread dipped in sugary lard

Is it awful that all I can think of when I look at this is "tan lines from Hell" and "scary face swimsuit"?

maybe if I had a swimsuit this cute, I would actually be inspired to learn how to swim, haha

Screen Guide 1937-08 Photograph of Ginger Rogers in athletic wear, possibly a swimsuit and standing on the edge of a diving point. Source: Dave Wills, who sells on eBay as dwills1000, and has an eBay storefront "Dave's Odds and Ends" Restoration by: magscanner

I find Rita Hayworth more inspiring than most of the women I see pinned for "Fitness". I'm not aiming for a six-pack, just the ability to wear a swimsuit in public again.

Vintage Swimsuit 50's Style Pin Up BLACK with Red Polka Dot Bathing Suit - 6 to 18

I want this swimsuit soooo bad but its $70...and I don't have that right now!

CHOOSE SLIMMING SWIMWEAR: @The idea of high-cut legs on your swimsuit may make you uncomfortable, but they are a flattering way to make your legs look miles long. Here are more Do's and Don'ts for swimwear.... @Don't wear boy shorts. They'll look boxy on you because they accentuate thighs..... @Do choose swimwear with graphic interest -- vertical stripes, colorblocking -- strategically placed to draw the eye up.... @Don't wear a teeny-weeny bikini bottom. The less fabric on bottom, the fleshier you'll look from the waist down.

I've always been a one-piece kind of girl. While I was studying abroad in Chile, our group went to visit the town of La Serena for about a week and we were only about a ten minute walk from the Pacific Ocean. The trip was mostly comprised of ladies and, while we were lounging at the beach, I heard some of them remark that only insecure women wear full swimsuits. I, of course, had to disagree. As much fun as it can be to wear a skimpy bikini, I appreciate how one-pieces can create a demure yet still sensual shape and, of course, they also provide a great canvass for awesome designs. How awesome would it be to wear a totally cheesy horse swimsuit, anyway?

tuxedo black and white with red bowtie swimsuit!

The Hello Sailor Bettie One Piece Swimsuit