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Where in the world is Mr. Rooter?

Follow our mascot around the world! If you have a picture to submit, please email

35 Pins

Mr. Rooter is in Charleston supporting their hometown team!

Mr. Rooter is in Dollywood with the Mr. Rooter Charleston team!

Mr. Rooter found another friend to hang out with!

Mr. Rooter found himself with a little one!

Mr. Rooter mascot from our Memphis location!

Mr. Rooter mascot got a smaller body! Thankfully he's still our Mr.!

Mr. Rooter in D.C.!

Some clogs are galactic and for that, there's Mr. Rooter! #StarWars #humor #plumbing via LifeOfR2D2 on Instagram

At the Whitehouse!

Mr. Rooter is in the tank keeping it clean! Side note: isn't this toilet awesome?!

Mr. Rooter a tunnel? With flyers?! Either way, he's in a cool place!

"Where's my gondola?"- Mr. Rooter in Italy

Mr. Rooter is out sightseeing! Where do you think he is?

Ready to save the day!

Mr. Rooter is rockin' out!

Happy Birthday! Mr. Rooter likes cake, too!

New friends on a boat! Don't get seasick, Mr. Rooter!

M. Rooter en France! (Mr. Rooter in France!)

Is Mr. Rooter the bait or the fisherman?!

Just hanging out! Where do you think Mr. Rooter is?

Happy Birthday, Mr. Rooter!

Found a friend on the boat!

Hanging out on the boat!

Catchin' some sun!

Looks like Mr. Rooter needs some saving now...