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For our OAAs (Ohio Achievement Assessments) Chewing mint gum helps increase concentration! Studies have shown that chewing gum may increase standardized testing scores, and may also help with alertness, as well as stress and anxiety relief.

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Ideas for state testing contract notecards! (Holds each student accountable while taking the test. Works great for reluctant workers and behavior students!)

Test Takers Foldable - Plug it In- reminds students to use each of the multiple choice answers to fill in the blank. Some won’t make sense and will help them narrow their choices down. Jail the Detail- This flap reminds the students to circle or underline the key words in a test question. Look for the key words in the reading passage or determine how to solve a math problem by using this tip. - Stash the Trash- there are sentences included in test questions that really aren’t important

Assign parents "top secret" homework the week before CRCT. Their homework is to secretly send in a letter of encouragement to be given to their child before they start! Great idea!

Another Test Prep Video - "Test Taker Face." This video was recorded by 5th grade students at Centennial Arts Academy in Gainesville, Georgia. Inspired by Lady Gaga's "Poker Face."TEACHERS: You can also view this video on TeacherTube by searching for "Test Taker Face" or clicking this link:

You've got to watch and show to your class! Reducing test anxiety one cheesy music video at a time.