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Chamorro Chip Cookies!!!! Amazing!! "Miss eating this"

tamales gisu - chamorro guam style tamales

A luscious blend of mayonnaise, imitation crab, broccoli and spices. Recipe is in the cookbook, A Taste of Guam.

VIDEO Shrimp patties with spam

VIDEO Apigige' or apigigi or cassava and coconut in banana leaves

Rosketti cookies are made with pleny of cornstarch and are generally shaped into coil rings. This is a luscious rosketti recipe using heavy cream, butter and eggs.

guyuria or Guam's jawbreaker softer because we added butter!

This is a wonderful Chamorro cake with raisins. It's a must to add the dried morsels; you'll be quite surprised.

Rosku is a treat from Saipan. It's better dipped in coffee than pan-tosta or biscotti.

Guam - Siopao is a Filipino dish, though many Asian countries have similar steamed buns with a variety of fillings. On Guam, this is the most popular type, made with beef, chicken or pork, all tasting very much alike. Some islanders also fill the buns with chicken kelaguen (making the kelaguen on the dry side and not so lemony).