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100 things we have learned poster. Make on the first day of school. Each day add something!

The definitive answer to the most important question ever asked in a childhood commercial.

CURIOUS GEORGE | George Counts to 100 for the 100 day of school

First Grade Critter Cafe': 100th Day Celebration: Don't miss these Freebies!

100's house tables work together to put the numbers in order in the 100's house

put 100 pieces in 20 different zip-loc bags. On the 100th day students are each given a bag. They have to see what they could build with the 100 legos they were given. They work on these throughout the day between other activities. At the end of the day they drew a picture of what they made and wrote about it.

100th day printables

100th Day of School Project Mrs. Karkowsky's Second Grade Class used an app called Age your Face to make each of her student's look 100 years old. Then they had to write a paper stating what they hope they have accomplished by the time they turned 100 years old. | Smore

This is a fun little game that my first graders had a blast playing on our 100th day!I made it for this special day.. but we will be playing it...

Photo Booth Picture Frame next year