Socializing and opening presents are at the center of showers, and when games and activities are planned with care and attention, guests will have a genuinely enjoyable time. The best activities are ones that the guest of honor will appreciate: maybe a funny multiple-choice quiz about her childhood, or a creative project made by all the guests. Keep in mind, an icebreaker works best when guests are arriving, whereas more time-consuming activities, such as a wine tasting, might be best after e...

Quilt Guest Book : wedding clothes pin diy green guest book alternative ivory quilt reception rustic white DSC0007

A Guest Book Quilt. Now if only I knew how to make a quilt...

guest book quilt! guests signed pieces of linen instead of a book...this is great!

Fabric guest book, to become wedding quilt. Created by Seldon Designs.

Instead of a guest book, have people sign squares of fabric to sew into a quilt! I love it!

A guest book (on fabric squares) that can be made into a quilt later! (I also like the monogram idea)

This was their guest book! Everyone signed a piece of fabric, used as decor for the reception, and then later made into a quilt!

Linds, do you love this idea?! Forget guest book at your wedding, have everyone sign a square for a cute quilt!

The "guest book" for our wedding. We had everyone sign a quilt square. I also took photos from our wedding and had them printed onto blank squares to incorporate into the quilt. Photo by Shane Black Photography

Have your guests sign a quilt square! Choose your colors, get creative. Turn it into a wall hanging or sleep under it every night. A very cool alternative to a tradition guest book.

Guest Book Quilt. Guests wrote messages on a square and squares were later sewn together. (www.marthastewart...)

20 Creative Guest Book Ideas For Wedding Reception - so wish I would have seen this before I was married!!! Love the idea of having a quilt with all your guest's names!!!

Instead of a guest book get your friends and family to sign a fabric square so that they can be put together into a keepsake quilt. Such a neat heirloom to pass on to future generations.

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