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A birdie with a yellow bill . . .

A birdie with a yellow bill Hopped upon the window sill

Ceramic Stoneware Bird HouseAcorn design for by Birdartist on Etsy

Cardinals in a Snowstorm

6006PX Fun Place: Cardinals in a Snowstorm

Female cardinal / feathered friends

Acorn Bird Feeder Tutorial ~ salad bowl & wire cloth... I see these wooden salad bowls at thrift stores and yard sale all the time, how cute is this, great scout project too.... bird feeder.. repurposed, recycled, cheap thrifty, whimsical craft... hang it in a tree so cute is this one!

Acorn Bird Feeder Tutorial - Tried & True

woodpecker house

Nest boxes for Tawny Owls

Nest boxes for Tawny Owls page 10: What others are using

Invite songbirds to your backyard and garden. Help yourself to dozens of free, DIY plans for birdhouses, bird feeders, nesting boxes and bird baths.

"I like the idea of using an old hanging lamp for the topper" - Reclaimed Objects Birdhouse "Song Sung Blue"

Cornell Lab of Ornithology - gives list of nesting materials needed by birds, how to bird roost boxes and more.

Other Attractants, Birding Basics

weathered birdhouse

Feeding Birds by Keeping Squirrels Away: Outwit squirrels with these tips for keeping squirrels from eating bird seed.

Attracting Birds | Feeding Birds | Keep Squirrels Away

The Warbler Guide is a must-have bird identification resource. Includes over 1,000 photos of all warbler species, sonograms, confusing fall warblers, much more.

The Ultimate Warbler Field Identification Guide for Birders

Orioles: by the numbers. Get more great info on your favorite birds from our book The Best of Birds & Blooms 2014!

The Best of Birds & Blooms 2014