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Invite songbirds to your backyard and garden. Help yourself to dozens of free, DIY plans for birdhouses, bird feeders, nesting boxes and bird baths.

"I like the idea of using an old hanging lamp for the topper" - Reclaimed Objects Birdhouse "Song Sung Blue"

Cornell Lab of Ornithology - gives list of nesting materials needed by birds, how to bird roost boxes and more.

Other Attractants, Birding Basics

weathered birdhouse

Feeding Birds by Keeping Squirrels Away: Outwit squirrels with these tips for keeping squirrels from eating bird seed.

Attracting Birds | Feeding Birds | Keep Squirrels Away

The Warbler Guide is a must-have bird identification resource. Includes over 1,000 photos of all warbler species, sonograms, confusing fall warblers, much more.

The Ultimate Warbler Field Identification Guide for Birders

Orioles: by the numbers. Get more great info on your favorite birds from our book The Best of Birds & Blooms 2014!

The Best of Birds & Blooms 2014

Another great feeder for orioles and fruit-loving birds. Oriole Delight Feeder at Duncraft Oriole Delight Feeder

I have lots of wrens in my yard, great to have for the following reasons! - Brown or Grey feathered, Wrens are lively & vocal, insect eaters, have a beautiful song, great to watch in the Spring. They devour sawfly larvae! So put up those wren houses!

Top 10 Birds for Your Garden: Organic Gardening

HUMMINGBIRD NESTING MATERIAL -When they fly away to the nest,you might be able to see where it is.

Hummer Helper Nesting Material Kit - SE7021

Cedar Waxwing - beautiful photo!

Plays With Needles: Flock Party

Nature Photography

The Songbird Sanctuary:  2011 Nature Photo Contest Winners

Attracting birds to your garden

Inviting birds to your garden

To keep algae growth from your bird bath drop some pre-1982 copper pennies in. I have what I would call a normal size bird bath & I use 7 pennies. The reason for the pennies being pre-1982 is that before that year, the pennies contained copper, a natural algicide.

Prevent Algae from Growing in Your Birdbath (All Things Plants)

Feeding the Orioles | Deep Roots at Home

Feeding the Orioles

RUSTIC Utah Item # 32: Large red and black post-mounted birdhouse for the front porch.

Orchard Oriole female. From

Orchard Oriole in Alabama

What Kind of Foods Do Bluebirds Eat? | eHow

What Kind of Foods Do Bluebirds Eat? | eHow