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Cute Girls Hairstyles {Videos}

I'll get you my pretty....and your little dog too! Dorothy braids tutorial! #cutegirlshairstyles #DIY #Halloween #wizardofoz #dorothy #hairstyles

  • Emily Kars

    I love your channel and Brooklyn and Bailey's channel. I have been using this hairstyle ever since you put the tutorial up on your channel.


    im going to be a skeleton princess

  • 💙Ashlyn Travillion💙

    Hi CGH I was just wondering if u could follow me..,. And like three years ago I was on YouTube and I was looking up how to do bun and after that I saw y'all rope braid hair style and as soon as I saw that I tryed to do it and I could so form there on I watch all of y'all videos every Sunday and I have all ways liked to do hair I love y'all hope y'all follow me !!

  • Sydnee Bailey

    Hi! Can u please do a tutorial on how to do corn rows?

  • B R Y N L E E   A R C I A G A ☾

    Can u follow me please I love ur website!!!!!

  • Abby J

    Did this today along with my friend- everyone loved it and commented a lot!

  • Grace Boyce

    Hi Mindy, Could you please do a tutorial on the waterfall and fishtail French braid if you go on my hairstyles board the first picture is of it.

  • LiviaGrace

    I absolutely love this!!!!! I hope u can follow me on pintrest!!! I'd would really appreciate it!!!!!

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  • Serena

    So cute!!:)

  • Serena

    I found these conair hair spiral curlers and I was wondering if you could do a video on how to use them please

  • Ella McRae

    I love you and Brooklyn and Bailey's YouTube channel. I don't personally have a YouTube account because I'm not allowed to but I watch your videos every week. I live in Australia so would you do a meet and greet.

  • #1 Baylor Fan

    Can you do a video on an up-do for homecoming? Please follow me!

  • Sarah Rae Dorsey

    Hi! I just want to say I love your videos I watch them allllll the time and my sister does them to me and I lovvveeee Brooklyn and bailey too. All your kids are so cute. Thank you for showing videos.

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  • nikki carnero

    Love your vids in YouTube,always a life saver and I love the daddy do's ,

  • nikki carnero

    Pleas follow me

  • ∞Aиgєℓιиα∞

    Hi I wanted to know how do I email u if I won't to send u a cute hairstyle to try

  • {McKenna-Grace}

    Hi mindy! Been having some hair trouble. There is this five strand braid that I can't seem to figure out. I have long hair and love doing ponytails. Was wondering is u could do a tutorial on it. There is a picture of it on my fun hairstyles board for reference. Please respond . I feel bad asking but just can't figure it out. Thanks for your all your help and all the other great videos.

  • Debbie Burt

    I love your videos

  • Cherry Blossom

    I was wondering if you could do more hairstyles that involve a ton of layers, please? I love the hairstyles that you do, and Brooklyn and Bailey's videos(I watch ya'll all the time).


    that is so cool

Half-Loop Braidback Tutorial: Click to see video tutorial, more photos, and step-by-step instructions! {Feel free to tag or share with a friend you hope will learn this with you!} #BackToSchool #Hairstyles #Braids

  • ∞ c a r l e y ∞

    I luv y'all's vids soo much!!!

  • Sura

    So cute! Wish I was talented enough to do it on my hair!

  • Miah Johnson

    OK. Since you are the hairstylist queen, I come to you when I want to do every and any hairstyle. But....... I came to for the tris bun on divergent... And you didn't have it... So I searched Pinterest.... And there was only 1 thing that was I finally tried google.... AND THERE WAS NOTHING. So could you be a doll and do it for me? I know if anyone could do it right you could. ;)

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We want to see your Disney Miner-Inspired Hair & Beard Styles! How creative can you get? Use hashtag #8thMinerContest and enter to win a chance for weekly prizes, and a Grand Prize 7-day trip to @WaltDisneyWorld for 4 people! 👭😎 {See details at Disney's www.BeThe8thMiner...

  • Maggie Baller

    Brooklyn and bailey are so inspiration! I love all the video they do! I watch them all the time! They are great roll models to me and my friends we really do love seeing the girls and how nice they are! I know you guys are probably annoyed by all of your fans but sorry! I love cute girl hair styles as well the styles that you do is so amazing!

  • Maggie Baller

    Love you guys!!!❤️

  • Serena

    Definitely trying the lace braid

  • Blooming Faith

    I love this braid. It is sooo pretty! I can't wait to try it! XD

  • Amanda Williamson

    A way you don’t have to worry about that bump when you put the braid on top of the head is to start braiding upward. If that makes sense

  • Chelsea Dunson

    Can u follow me please

  • Abigail Soisson

    How often does CGH post videos!??

  • Annabeth Chase

    This braid is sooo beautifl and soooooo easy!!!!!!!!! I totally recomend trying this hairstle!!!!!! Thx sooooooo much for all tje amazing hairstyles!!!!!!

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  • Paris Price :)

    I've been wanting to get a mermaid tail forever!

  • Kay8220

    I just want to say i love all of you're you tube channel's. You guys are awesome. I also love Brooklyn and Bailey's shows.

  • Christine Jaeckel

    Now that my daughter has seen this, she is counting her pennies and asking my facebook friends to hire her so she can make enough money to buy one. lol

  • Raylina Heldenbrand

    Love that video!!!!!!!!

  • Paige Tyndall

    I want one!!!!!! I love Brooklyn's. or is that bailey?

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  • Charlie

    I love u guys ❤️ it would be awesome if you could follow me back. This is the hairstyle I'm wearing to a wedding thanks so much!

  • Helen McGuire

    omg i just saw Maleficent on saturday and i was thinking last night about maleficent's hair and i said CGH is going to do tutorial on maleficent's opening hair!!!

  • Marie Collins

    Hey Mindy i am a huge fan and would love it if you would follow me

  • Grace Boyce

    Hi Mindy I love your videos so please follow me it would be so special to me. I am from Australia but lives in Bangkok, Thailand. From Grace

  • Juliana Orozco

    Hi mindy l see your videos all the time . Follow me please

Name release video! PLUS check out the cool app with all the CGH hair videos

  • Hala Shalabi

    I love all of your videos !! U guys are so pretttyyyyyyyyy!!

  • Miss Annika Kittens

    @Cute Girls Hairstyles do brooklyn and bailey have a pinterest account? I would love to follow them :) I love your videoes (hair videos) I watch all of them, I love doing hair, and I love brooklyn and bailey's videos as well :)

Nice way to mix up a ponytail! How to Create a Knotted Ponytail by CuteGirlsHairstyles #cutegirlshairstyles #CGHKnottedPonytail #ponytail #hairstyles #hairstyle

Pancaked 4-Strand Waterfall Braid...easier then a regular waterfall braid! You will love it! #waterfallbraid #hairstyles #braid #CGH4strandwaterfall

  • Marie

    I love this hairstyle and wore it today. You are so awesome and I love your youtube videos. Good job and keep up the good work :)

  • Grace Hodges

    You and your daughters are so pretty!!

  • Olivia Ramirez

    I am a big fan of u i watch ur videos on you tube! I love u!

  • Hala Shalabi

    I always watch your videos and love what you and ur daughters do!!!