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Hahas & Hihis

Yet another reason NOT to go to Australia

The Grey Space Heater... This cracked me up so had

I don't know why I love this cat so much.

  • Arenda Smucker

    hahahaha..boy only a "mommy" can love a little face like this...if this doesn't express "annoyed and bored with you all", I don't know hahaha

Cupcakes! Did you know this? I didn't!

  • Heather Hawkins

    Does everyone else get magically puffy tall cupcake when they bake? No, even 3/4 full they're bigger but flat. Puffy round cupcakes are awesome.

  • Stephanie Fritz

    There's never a happy medium with me. Either they're super flat, or they overflow and I have to get all "plastic surgeon" on them. I never thought cupcake lipo would ever be a real thing...

  • Amelia Sorensen

    Shephanie, That comment made my day.

  • Park Ave Events

    That is the secret to the perfect cupcakes!!! As long as you test them with a toothpick and it comes out dry, it should be okay to eat!

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2 Hamsters 1 Wheel. when you need a really good laugh!!! Worth the 56 seconds.

  • Heather Cano-Brown

    I had to watch it a few times! Showed my daughter we couldn't stop laughing!! Thanks