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18 FUN ways to learn sight words for kids - get playing & learning

sight words written on beans inside a pencil bag. Shake and read the words that pop up

Good way to teach how to differentiate between "b" and "d" Very Clever!

FUN Hallway Behavior Management Idea. Before you leave the classroom pick a chip with a students name but don't tell who it is. They are the mystery walker and you are watching that student the entire time. If they do a good job in the hall, they get a ticket or prize.

How Japanese kids learned to multiply

When the light's on, students may not talk to you. What a FABULOUS idea! Perfect for guided reading or math groups.

101 Websites That Every Elementary Teacher (And mom!) Should Know About

Grab this Freebie book that is Jam Packed with Freebies for grades K-2

For all my teacher friends PIN THIS NOW!! Incredible reading management binder to track student progress. Every form you will need for assessing students and developing instruction. A great addition to your reading workshop management.

Use old Scholastic book order forms to sort books: Fiction/Nonfiction or To Entertain/To Inform, etc.... What a brilliant idea!

Love Logic: Change the wording of what you ask the kids to do and become more effective. This is true of working with adults as well.. Its all perspective. Change accusatory you statements, into action-packed I-statements and foster results

Don't tell me teachers don't work in the summer. Real teachers work all summer.... even if it is Pinning classroom ideas on Pinterest. Sounds like prof. development to me!