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uhhh yes please!

A button tree on canvas. So many cute tree ideas on here!

I'm determained to build this one day soon!!!

Burlap wreath how to :)

gorgeous button artwork

Everyday Mom Ideas: Simple 4-step Photo Editing Silhouette Tutorial

place stickered letters on wooden sign, paint, then peal off stickers. much easier than handwriting!

reindeer thumbprint ornaments THIS IS TOO CUTE

Transfer Pictures to wood

Cheap and Easy Stamped Coasters made from affordable Bathroom Tiles.

First I went to Lowes and bought the cheapest board they have (12″ x 36″) I believe it was around $6.50 for the board, and you can pay .25 a cut at Lowes as well. I had them cut the board into three equal parts (12″ x 12″). I picked up Mod Podge as well, and some sponge brushes. I developed my pictures at Costco for $2.99 a picture! (12″ x 12″) First step is to paint the boards. ~ I painted the whole back and the sides grey. I just used left over house paint. ~ Next you let the paint dr...

Easy craft clay... dries hard. Perfect to make ornaments for the kids to paint. Fun Christmas craft!

Gift tags made of Salt dough & then stamped. Made with 1 cup salt, 2 cups all purpose flour and 1 cup luke warm water.

DIY Bucket List Board

Each family member has a "coaster" to place their glass for the day. No more "grab a glass & put in the sink" 50 x's a day! I need this!