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Amanda Curtis

Amanda Curtis

a geeky, anxiety-prone, diabetic, married suburban housewife, formerly an english teacher, filled with illusions of grandeur and plenty of time to be sucked int

Had this... played with it all the time

a big hit on christmas eve.

best ice cream ever.

post-sandy beach. gorge!

point pleasant!

used to draw all over my paper bag covered textbooks. remember feeling so proud when i learned how to do it myself!

colors - just started wearing mine again.

1980s cable! i remember the clicking sound changing each channel made, and the way you had to wrap the ridiculously long wire (no remote, obvi) around the box when you were "straightening up." oh, and the lovely wood grain stickers that never stayed on!

my tv "set" until i was about 14! my husband and i just commented the other day on how our kids will never know what a television not thinner than a picture frame will ever look like!

wish this clock still woke me up every morning. there's got to be one for sale somewhere!

one of the first shows ever on nickelodeon? "pinwheel, pinwheel, spinning around..."

my first crush ❤ wish i had bought this before it sold.

not sure if i want this or myself or for my husband, but either way...the dude abides. the dudes' sweater. $200.

devastating losses. please buy if you can - 100% of profits go to the shore.

little women, louisa may alcott.

huis clos, j.p. sartre.

hibiscus, i think.

self-affirming mantras.

early morning dew-covered spiderweb.

giants stadium. the meadowlands. will never call it metlife.

rockefeller plaza and the tree. i've been so many times, but it's still something to see.