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Sarah Pierce

Sarah Pierce

♥ Photography is my passion, creative outlet ♥ I've been blissfully married for 13 yrs ♥ I have 2 absolutely phenomenal children ♥ | Photography Websites & Logo Design

"Taking pictures is savouring life intensely. Every hundredth of a second." - Mark Riboud

Even though my wishes for our lives together bring me to tears. I still have dreams for you. When my tears are dry and the Sun comes out again. I will fill my lungs with precious breath and I will blow my wishes. Our wishes and dreams. Both of you will look into my face and run to me. I will hear your squeals and laughter as you run to me. Grandma! Grandma! I feel you in my arms while you cover my face with kisses.

sisters put the stars in the sky ⭐

My thoughts exactly.

engagement ring, wedding band, & a band for each child.. each different and unique! Love this idea! ♥

Sunsparks by Pink Sherbet Photography, Clearfield, Utah.