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White feathers mean an angel is near

pia jane bijkerk » sweet treasures # 11: two swan feathers…

This Kid. He’s Definitely Going Places

birth announcement with ruler, clock and weight - cute idea

10 Basic Manners to Teach Your Sons:1. Always shake hands firmly when meeting an adult and look them in the eye when doing so.2. Never wear a hat indoors.3. Always allow a woman to enter a door before you do.4. Always hold the door for the person behind you. 5. Wait until everyone at the table has been served before eating.6. Put your napkin in your lap while you eat. Don't wait until the very end of the meal to use it, don't crumple it, and don't blow your nose in it.

YES!!!!!!! The door to an underground storm shelter/panic room/secret hid out in the kitchen island! Best secret passage ever!! Definitely a dream home feature! (would also be good if someone broke into your house and you had to hide somewhere) Zombie apocalypse.

Lmfao this is priceless!

For every re-pin, Feed Just One has partnered with Rice Bowls and Ship with Meaning to donate one meal to end global hunger!

These are so much fun. Yes, they have little capes!

Memorial Jewelry. Your loved one's hand writing imprinted on a piece of jewelry. Beautiful.

full body sweater for when you're just having one of those kind of days. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

yes please.

If you have a son, read this book. If you don't, pin now and read later :) (This makes me tear up just thinking about it...)